Kinetic can resharpen any type of shear blade (straight, bowtie, or profile), scrap chopper, side trimmer, or slitter. Our skilled machinists ensure that a resharpened knife will perform as good as new in your metal manufacturing or processing operation.

Resharpening Shear Blades

Some customers want their bar shear blades ground on the flats – that’s not a problem for Kinetic. We can do that and provide you with a shim to bring the knife to “as new” thickness.

Some customers need their bar shears sharpened and they want the passes sharpened rather than grinding the flats. For years the only way to do this was on a surface grinder with a grinding wheel with a profile to match the profile on the bar shear; this is not an exact science.

Kinetic has developed a manufacturing process to remachine the passes on your bar shears giving you an “as new” surface on the cutting edges. We then provide you with a shim to build up the height of the knife. The advantage in doing this instead of grinding the passes? There is no risk of heat transfer from the grinding wheel which will degrade the life of your bar shear blade. A Kinetic remachined bar knife will last as long as your new bar knife.