Kinetic Shear Blades for any machine on the market

In order to achieve optimum performance with your shears, you must use the best blades – made from the best steel for your application, heat treated and finished to perfection – exactly what you get with a Kinetic shear blade.

Kinetic manufactures a complete line of Shear Blades designed to fit any shear on the market. Hot Crop Shear blades with radius – not a problem. Need that radius re-machined – let us do it for you and return that knife to you looking like new!

Our knife material is dictated by the product you need to shear. Our technical sales team will work with you to understand your application – cutting hot or cold, plate or sheet, thick or thin – and Kinetic will make the best Shear Blade for your application.

108 inch Bowtie Shear Blades

Various types of Shearblades