Kinetic Tube Cut-Off Knives: exceptional ductility = shock resistance

Kinetic’s differential hardening technologies create Tube Cut-Off Knives with exceptional ductility and shock resistance.

From small diameter specialty tubing to large O.D. line pipe, Kinetic has a tube cut-off knife for your specific application. Kinetic manufactures cut-off blades in all grades and sizes.

  • Outside diameter: 1” to 24” (25.4 mm to 610 mm)
  • Thickness: .025” to 5” (6.3mm to 127 mm)

Kinetic quality is built into every one of our tube cut-off knives. Our full range of in-house machining, grinding, and heat-treating capabilities enables us to manufacture tough and wear-resistant industrial blades, proven to provide consistent, quality cuts for our customers.

Kinetic also offers tube cut-off knives with TiN coating (Titanium Nitride coating) to improve wear resistance or our proprietary XLN coating to improve lubricity. These surface treatments result in longer service life and improved cuts.

Kinetic Plunge and Rotary Tube Cut-Off Knives.