Core Cutter Blades – All types and Sizes for Any Application

The Kinetic Co., Inc., manufactures all types and sizes of tube cutter blades, core cutter blades and core saws, most of which are usually available for immediate shipment from stock.

  • Crush cut small diameter blades
  • Crush cut larger diameter (Perini) blades
  • Shark tooth standard blades
  • Tungsten carbide tipped blades

Each blade is manufactured to Kinetic’s highest standards. The result is high precision blades with excellent concentricity for smooth cuts and a high surface finish, which improves service life while reducing dusting.

  • Manufactured from either tool steel or high-speed steels for additional wear-resistance and toughness.
  • Heat-treated to meet the most rigorous demands of your application.

To further improve blade life and reduce downtime in your operation, Kinetic can supply core saws with Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating on the teeth.