Cut-Off Blades

Kinetic has been working directly with diaper machinery manufacturers and customers to develop the best diaper knives and cut-off blades in the industry. Based on our many years of experience, we have optimized material choices, perfected heat treatments and finish grinding techniques to provide you with industrial knife products that are wear-resistant and tough.

Depending on the application and the speed of the machine, Kinetic cut-off blades are manufactured from high-tech materials such as MM high-speed steel, VC high-speed steel, Ultra-Wear Particle Metallurgy material and tungsten carbide.

  • Configured to fit all major types of diaper, fem-hy and adult incontinence machinery.
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Most available in stock.

If you are making Diapers, Fem Care, or Adult Incontinence Products Kinetic has the knives you need.