Log Saw Blade Grinding Wheels

Kinetic’s Ruby Red™ grinding wheels outperform every other Borazon (Cubic Boron Nitride or CBN) style grinding wheel on the market today. And we can supply the correct Borazon dressing sticks – either straight for Paper Converting Machine Co. or Perini log saw machines or rotary for Perini Auto-dressing units – to keep your Ruby Red™ grinding wheels operating at peak performance.

Golden Wheels™ TiN Coated Grinding Wheels

Kinetic/Microblade has also pioneered the development of the patented Golden Wheels™ TiN Coated Grinding Wheels.

  • Made using electro-plate technology, a process stronger than resin bonding in conventional grind stones.
  • More efficient grinding/sharpening of Log Saw Blades than conventional grind stones.
  • Golden Wheels do not load up and do not need to be dressed.
  • Effectively doubles or triples Log Saw Blade service life.

Golden Wheel for Perini Log Saw Machine

Marauder Style Golden Wheel for Paper Converting Machine Co. Log Saw Machine