Perf Blades, Anvils, and Associated Parts

Kinetic has been manufacturing perf blades for tissue manufacturers around the world since 1955. We solve our customers’ production issues by helping to select the bond pattern and blade configuration best suited to specific production requirements.

  • Standard PCMC 4.4xx” perf blade
  • Standard PCMC design carbide anvils
  • Long Korleus style and Ital style Bi-Metallic perf blades and anvils
  • Perini/Futura style Bi-Metallic long and segmental perf blades and anvils
  • Match Ground Bi-Metallic blades

Perf blades and accessories available from Kinetic:

  • Perf blades
  • Anvils
  • Threaded spacer pins
  • Noise reduction pads
  • Accurate feeler gauges
  • Carbide anvil holders

Kinetic’s perf blades are manufactured from many types of steel. For our customers utilizing 4.5” nominal PCMC Design machines, MM-type high speed steel and Ultra-Wear Particle Metallurgy material provide maximum wear-resistance and unequaled toughness and life. The best steels and in-house heat treating, combined with precision-tolerance manufacturing guarantees you the best performance!

PCMC 4.5” (114.3mm) continuous rewinder perf blade with yellow wear stripe

For customers with perforation heads utilizing the long continuous perf blades and anvils, we offer high quality Böhler manufactured M42 Bi-Metal Material. This material combined with our manufacturing ensures superior performance in your machinery. Custom pattern, no problem – tell us the pattern you want and we will make it. Emergency shipment, no problem – many orders can be processed in one day!

Benefits of using Kinetic perf blades and accessories:

  • Consistent product quality due to in-house heat treatment and world class machines and operators.
  • Ease of installation and adjustment.
  • Consistent running and high-speed production.
  • Long blade life.
  • Custom manufactured perf blades available, shipped as quickly as one day.

If you want to take our high quality continuous blades and make them better – talk to us about Match Ground sets. These blades will be delivered to you in configurations ideal for your operation – ground in and matched in sets with variations you can’t measure. This will ensure a smoother startup and better perforations.

Contact Kinetic – try our blades, and you will quickly realize why we are the world leader!