Split Band Bottom Slitter Anvils

Split bottom slitter bands are a time-saving product used in shear slitting operations when the change out speed for the bottom slitter anvil is critical.

You simply use an Allen wrench to quickly take the split bottom slitter anvil off the machine shaft and replace it with a sharp anvil. Then you bolt the worn slitter anvil halves together and send them back to Kinetic for sharpening.

Upgrading to split band bottom slitter bands in your operation results in a very fast ROI due the dramatic drop in machine downtime. Instead of having to pull the shaft and slide the anvils off – often talking hours – you unbolt the dull anvils and replace them in minutes.

  • Use of D-2 and/or tungsten carbide eliminates frequent regrinding, saving you time and protecting your knife investment.
  • Through-hardened to enhance wear resistance and toughness.
  • Precision machined, finish ground and super finished to provide minimum lateral runout and excellent concentricity, while enhancing the performance of the top shear slitter blade used against the bands.
  • Super finish and edge sharpness minimizes dust production and improves cut quality.
  • Available for any machine where the bottom slitter anvil is shaft mounted.