Winding Mandrels, Making Mandrels, Core Winding/Cutting Mandrels – New, Rebuilds, and Parts

Since 1955, The Kinetic Co., Inc., has realized its vision of manufacturing the best winding mandrels and core shafts in the converting industry. Our mandrel and shaft manufacturing program begins with aircraft quality tube stock and ends with a three-plane dynamics balancing process that allow us to certify our mandrels to .002" (0.05mm) peak to peak displacement amplitude.

Components that we use in our winding mandrel assembly meet or exceed OEM specifications. Using Kinetic Winding Mandrels, Making Mandrels and Core Shafts in your paper processing applications guarantees long service life and trouble-free performance on your shop floor.

  • Mandrels for non-water cooled and water-cooled applications in the composite can industry.
  • Heat treating and plating process used for making mandrels increases service life and component performance.
  • Custom designed and manufactured winding mandrels and making mandrels to suit your specific application and production requirements.

Making a winding mandrel for a paper converting continuous rewinder is a complex process with many critical manufacturing steps. Kinetic’s in-house heat treating is what makes our winding mandrels the best in the industry.

Return your worn mandrels to Kinetic so that our highly skilled technicians can rebuild them to as-new specifications. If you prefer to rebuild mandrels with your own personnel, contact Kinetic for the highest quality spare parts.

Mandrel parts available from Kinetic:

  • Fingers - standard and pre-ground
  • Bullet ends
  • Spacers
  • Springs

Kinetic offers new external drives for mandrels and we can rebuild external drives that you return to us.