84" Blanchard Grinder

  • Built in 1970
  • Rebuilt by Blanchard in 1999
  • Further rebuilt by Kinetic in 2007
  • 150 HP main spindle motor with oversize spindle bearing
  • 84” diameter magnetic chuck
  • Can swing parts 96” in diameter within the water guard
  • Maximum part height 24”
  • This Blanchard is perfect for grinding large new knives; regrinding large worn knives; and any heavy duty grinding jobs your facility has. It was built for fast stock removal and holding tight tolerances.

96" diameter part ground on our 84" Blanchard.

A customer came to us with a 60” gear hobbing table. They wanted it ground flat to within .0005” and with a TIR of less then .0005". This job was done on time and to the specs they wanted.