New technology from Kinetic.

- Best run out tolerances in the industry. 
- All log and facial saw blades are heat treated internally at Microblade

Microblade log saw bladeManufactured in England by Microblade Limited, Kinetic offers different designs of Log Saw Blades that can be specifically designed to provide long service life, exceptional durability and outstanding cut quality of your end product. All Log Saw Blades are manufactured from high-carbon, high chrome tool steel with precise heat treatment to achieve a final hardness of Rockwell 59/61.

On-going research has lead to the development of the XL-coated Log Saw Blade. A dry film lubricant applied to each side of the blade eliminates the need for sprayed-on external lubrication, while increasing service life, improving cut quality, decreasing dust and eliminating product contamination.

Kinetic/Microblade has also pioneered the development of Golden Wheels™ TiN Coated Grinding Wheels*. Golden Wheels grind or sharpen Log Saw Blades more efficiently than conventional grind stones by using electro-plate technology, a process stronger than resin bonding in conventional grind stones. As a result, Golden Wheels do not load up and do not need to be dressed, effectively doubling or tripling Log Saw Blade service life.

  • Globally field-tested and used by all major tissue and towel converters.
  • Extensive U.S. inventory to provide immediate shipment.
  • Training programs and seminars to assist customers in best practice applications.

Golden Wheel for Perini Log Saw Machine
Marauder Style Golden Wheel for Paper Converting Machine Co. Log Saw Machine

Golden Wheels™ is a trademark of The Kinetic Co., Inc.
*These TiN-coated grinding wheels are covered by U.S. Patents #5,308,367 and 5, 139,537 and other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

Perhaps your operators or mechanics are more comfortable using the traditional Borazon* style grinding wheels. We have taken these grinding wheels one step further with our Ruby Red™ grinding wheels that outperform every other Borazon style grinding wheel on the market today. And we can also supply the correct Borazon dressing sticks (either straight for Paper Converting Machine Co. or Perini log saw machines or rotary for Perini Auto-dressing units which use rotary dressing wheels) to keep your Ruby Red™ grinding wheels operating at peak performance.

*Borazon® is a Unites States Registered Trademark of General Electric Company. This is an American expression. In the rest of the world these are properly referred to by the generic name of CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels.

Ruby Red™ grinding wheels is a joint trademark of Microblade Limited (a company registered in England and Wales) and The Kinetic Co., (a company incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, USA.)

Are you using a Perini log saw machine with the double sided Borazon* grinding wheel? Why not get a Ruby Red™ Borazon grinding wheel from Microblade? Run the best grinding wheel against the best log saw blade with the best service in the industry. A triple threat helping you make the best toilet or toweling paper in the industry.