About Us

Kinetic is our flagship company which has experienced explosive growth since its humble beginnings in a garage, then a small shop, and finally to our current 10-acre site in south-suburban Milwaukee. This state-of-the-art facility is home to highly skilled engineers, metallurgists, machinists and technical support professionals, many of whom have decades of experience satisfying Kinetic customers. We have a passion for stretching the boundaries of quality. Our goal is to equip our customers with the best, longest lasting knives in the packaging, paper, plastic, metals, and wood industries.

In recent years we have expanded into the contract machining and grinding industry for customers across the United States. The equipment we have on the shop floor, and the knowledge our team has is a perfect match for customers who are looking for top quality and professional service.

Our Company

Making the finest industrial knives and hardened wear products requires highly trained employees, the finest metal working equipment available, the best steel melted and rolled, and a facility that is the best in the world. We have all of those at Kinetic.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit us we would like to take you on a tour so that you can learn who we are and what we look like.

Our Facility

Our People

But you need more then bricks and mortar to make industrial knives. You need highly skilled and motivated employees. We have the best. Many of our employees have 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of experience with Kinetic. Brian Labucki, our senior Mattison grinderman, celebrated his 40th anniversary with Kinetic in March of 2005. Kinetic is a good place for good people to work.

Kinetic Team

Here is a photo of our current Plant Team Leaders in 2014. Some have been with us 2 years, some 20 years, some 30 years and our most senior employee, Larry Freitag, celebrated 45 years with Kinetic in 2014. You are looking at about 250 years of knowledge among these 12 employees.


Our expertise lies in the manufacture of hardened tool and high speed steel parts. Our grinding capability for these products is the best in the world. We have 8 large Mattison reciprocating table surface grinders, the last installed January of 2014. This latest Mattison was purchased so we can handle the largest grinding requirements of our customers. The table capacity is 36” x 120" with 36” clearance under the wheel. This machine is a very unique Mattison as it has both vertical and horizontal grinding heads. All of these Mattison grinders incorporate box ways to allow us to hold close tolerances and variable speed spindle drives so that we can take advantage of the latest in grinding wheel technology.

Here Cash Masters is operating one of our Mattison surface grinders as he finish grinds a steel mill plate shear. You just can’t put these shear blades on the machine; fixturing is important. Skill and knowledge pays dividends.

One of our biggest selling points is our "shop" and we are all proud of it. We encourage our customers to take a first hand look by making a visit to Kinetic. We would like the opportunity to personally show you why we believe we are the best source in the world for your industrial knife and hardened wear products.

We tell our customers that “you don’t make money if you are not making products because your machine is down to change knives.” And we practice what we preach: our machine tools are the best available coupled with the latest tooling. We don’t make money unless we are making chips. Kinetic’s metal cutting capabilities can’t be beat.

Video Tour

Our History

The story behind The Kinetic Co., Inc., is a story of entrepreneurial spirit. During the late 1940’s an industrial salesman named C.L. Masters heard many of his northern Wisconsin customers ask if he knew of a source for better quality industrial knives. They repeatedly asked for higher quality knives than were available on the market.

Responding to the demands, Masters dedicated his time and talents to the research and development of a better product. Over the course of the next 20 years, rapid growth moved the manufacturing operation from a small shop in his garage to the most advanced facility manufacturing industrial knives in Greendale, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

The company is now owned and managed by Jared and Cash, the third generation of the Masters Family. Together, they continue their father, Joseph, and grandfather, C.L. ‘s tradition of excellence, quality and the historic legacy of craftsmanship that began in 1948.

The future continues to look bright as Cash’s son Clayton is the fourth generation to work at Kinetic. He is learning the business from the ground up.

C.L. Masters’ vision of manufacturing the industry’s best quality knives to increase customer productivity remains Kinetics’ mission today and in the future.