Simply the finest heat treating equipment in the world

Kinetic heat treats by volume over 99.5% of the products it produces. When you read about a knife maker who jobs out this most critical function of the knife making process don’t walk away – run away. Because that manufacturer is letting someone else take control of the quality of your industrial knife. At Kinetic we firmly believe that: “Quality tool and high speed steel is the heart of your knife; but heat treating is its soul.”

At Kinetic we have 4 vacuum furnaces, 3 Ipsen horizontal and 1 Lindberg vertical along with an Induction Systems 50kW induction heat treat scanner with polymer quench furnace. If you have the need for vacuum heat treating of tool or high speed steel parts send them to a firm who has been doing vacuum heat treating of tool and high speed steels since 1971. And we have the ability to do pre- or post- heat treating work to your parts giving you one stop shopping!

Here is a variety of tool steel knives for the steel industry coming out of our Abar Ipsen 6 bar 36" x 36" x 72" vacuum furnace.

We heat treat these materials on a regular basis:

  • D-2
  • M-2
  • M-3
  • M-4
  • T-15
  • CPM-9V
  • CPM-10V
  • A11
  • A11-LVC
  • A-2
  • ASP-2053
  • H-13
  • S-7
  • Inconel