Company has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing and application for the broader demands of the paper industry and related fields

Kinetic, a company specialized in the manufacture of industrial knives and hardened wear products, believes that they manufacture the best Winding Mandrels and External Drives available today for all types of conversion lines, lengths and diameters.

They have major developments in this area, with emphasis on the new “SAM” (Super Adjustable Mandrel) which offers unparalleled ease of set-up and fitting to winders.

The company is proud to offer excellent support service, with technicians to fully inspect, prepare, rebuild, plan, then execute the rebuild to get your mandrels back to “like new” condition extending the usable service life of their clients investment. Along its journey, Kinetic has successfully rebuilt numerous arbors that others would say to discard.

Among its products and services, the company has:

New Winding Mandrels – All lengths and diameters for all OEM winders and fully balanced for high-speed winding and straight to Withing .003 TIR

New External Drives – Compete external drives for EVEN / ODD configurations for all types of mountings / belts installed and ready to go from the crate

Mandrel / Ext. Drive Rebuilds – The company has a dedicated Mandrel Dept. with specially modified equipment, staffed by the best technicians to return their clients units back to a “like new” condition. This service is for all makes and models.

Replacement Parts – Bullet Ends, Fingers, Guides, Springs, Spacers, Actuating Pins, etc. all made in-house superior performance & consistent quality.

Kinetic also has Core Forming / Cutting Mandrels and Coated Roll Services including Rider Rolls. In addition, Kinetic also manufactures Core cutting Blades, which includes 6” core saws and various slitters.

Kinetic Winding Mandrel products and services are backed by more than 70 years of manufacturing and application experience for the broader demands of the paper industry and related fields.

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