Kinetic manufactures a complete line of Shear Blades designed to fit any shear on the market.

Kinetic Shear Blades are made for any machine on the market. From various designed scrap choppers to curved hot crop shear blades, Kinetic supplies a complete product line of rectangular blades.

With state-of-the-art matching, grinding and heat-treating facilities, Kinetic produces shear blades to meet the most demanding specifications of its clients, whether for shearing hot or cold, low alloy or high, plate, sheet or bars.

Included in Kinetic’s blade mix are:

  • Resquare shears
  • Scrap choppers
  • Flying shears
  • Crop and cobble
  • Plate mill shears

With a wide range of steels being cut, the materials used by Kinetic range from D2, H-13 to Inconel 718.

When placing a quote for new knives, Kinetic asks what types of steel is being sheared, hot or cold, thickness range and the tensile strength. These specifications will ensure that the appropriate material and hardness are selected to provide proper performance.


To find out more about the products offered by Kinetic Co., contact the company’s technical and commercial team and discover the best refining solution on the market.