The Kinetic side trimmers are made without any grinding!

That is correct—the Kinetic side trimmers are made without any grinding.  We have been manufacturing and remachining the Nogrind side trimmers for years now.

NOgrind Side Trimmers

What does this mean to you?

By hard turning it protects the metallurgical structure of your blade. The heat of regrinding using a surface grinder not only can burn the cutting edges of the side trimmer, as well as change the molecular structure of the tool steel.

Hard turning does not put heat into the knife, the heat is taken out through the chips.

NOgrind Side Trimmers

Hard turning the Nogrind side trimmer creates a smoother surface which reduces friction during side trimming. Through hard turning the surface finish is 14 to 16RMS compared to 32 to 40RMS on a surface grinder. This will make your cuts much cleaner and creates less pick up on your side trimmers.

Let us know if we can switch your side trimmer to a NOgrind one.